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Vision & Mission Statement
Helping People to:
Connect, Grow, Engage & Go!
Vision & Mission Purpose
First Assembly exists to be a leading full gospel community church in our sphere of influence providing worship and service opportunities to every generation. We are committed to excellence in our facilities, compassion in our ministries and anointing in our services. We advocate a fully committed approach to outreach, evangelism, missions, discipleship, worship, service and spiritual growth to prepare people for abundant living and eternal life.
Vision & Mission Purpose
  • Committed to Excellence . .

    Presenting our best for Jesus to our world – Colossians 3:23

  • Powered by Anointing . . .

    Partnering with the power of the Spirit – Zechariah 4:6

  • Sustained by Unity . . .

    Fostering a culture of unity and fellowship – Ephesians 4:13

  • Focused on Purpose . . .

    Equipping believers to reach their harvest field – Matthew 28:19-20, Romans 8:28

Committed to Excellence . . .

Living in a world that is increasingly being exposed to growing technology, innovation, organization and consequently coming to expect excellence in their products and services, our church is committed to presenting ministries that are culturally relevant, well organized and speak forth a quality that says “we care about and value what we have to offer our world.” Realizing, however, that without compassion and Holy Spirit annointing we are as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal, we acknowledge, therefore, that all our effort toward excellence must be Powered by Annointing.

Powered by Anointing . . .

The Anointing … God’s Divine stamp of approval, of empowerment, and of His presence, must always be at the forefront of the services and ministries of our church. Being in total agreement with the words of Zechariah that it’s Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord and knowing that the anointing is promised to partner with a people who are committed to prayer and to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all things, we humbly invite His hand of favor and blessing. Also realizing that an effective church, by definition, is comprised of a united fellowship of Believers we are, therfore, committed to being Susyained by Unity.

Sustained by Unity . . .

Love and support for one another in the body of Christ is one of the highest commands in Scripture. Because we realize that the attitudes and perceptions of the world’s culture outside the four walls of the church are critical as pertains to an effective witness, our church is committed to a testimony of unity in our fellowship of Believers. Even though disagreements and differences of opinion are occassionally part of even the healthiest of the family’s existence, we are dedicated to assuring that such differences do not adversely affect our loving relationships and support for one another in the family of God. By possessing such regard for each other, the scripture promises that all will know you are my disciples indeed. Such unity will allow us to continually remain Focused On Purpose.

Focused on Purpose . . .

In the same way that a compass can assist us in determining direction, discovering purpose for our individual lives and our church helps us determine God’s direction, plan and vision for us. We are committed to an outward focus upon the harvest field beyond our four walls that will motivate us to provide minitries, outreaches and missions that will systematically nurture and reap a harvest of souls around us. We are committed to an inward focus in meeting, training and empowering a multi-generational congregation of Believers to submit to the Lordship of Christ in all things. This will enable our church to discover purpose individually and corparately, thus fulilling our ministries and service within the Body of Christ.

Our Team
“Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12
Randy and Caitlin Coy

Randy and Caitlin Coy

Youth/Associate Pastor

Pastor Randy and his wife, Caitlin, may not be Bolivar natives, but they love our community! Pastor Randy grew up in Middleburg, Florida, a small town in northeast Florida. He moved to Kansas City at the end of 2012, where he met his now wife. Caitlin grew up in Lees Summit, Missouri. She graduated from SBU in May of 2017. Together, they serve as Bolivar First Assembly’s youth pastors. They are passionate about seeing students serve the Lord and His church, giving of their time and talents to further the gospel.  Pastor Randy and Caitlin have been faithful members of our church since the end of 2015 and came on as staff in September of 2017. Pastor Randy and Caitlin would love to get to know you and your family.

Jeff Murray

Jeff Murray

Children's Pastor

Jeff and his wife, Margaret, are native residents of Bolivar. They are a remarkable team who bring experience, compassion, and commitment to the children’s department. They love bringing the Word of God to life in Kingdom Kids. They have 3 children, Megan, Josh and Meleah..

Lesley McCarter

Lesley McCarter

Administrative Assistant

Lesley McCarter is the office assistant along with many other duties. She is the voice you hear when you call the office and the woman behind the bulletin, announcements, and other various types of media around the church. She grew up in the small town of Osceola in an amazing family who taught her the value of showing Christ’s live in everything she does. Lesley and her husband, Justen, live in Collins along with their two children, Lily and Jaxen. They have a true passion for the Lord and are happy to be a part of the family here at 1st Assembly.

Service Times

Sunday Morning:
Traditional: 8:30 AM
Progressive: 10:45 AM
Coffee @ the Commons: 9:15 AM
Bible Fellowship Classes: 9:50 AM
Sunday Evening: 6:30 PM
Wednesday Family Night: 7:00 PM

Helping People to Connect, Grow, Engage & Go!


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